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This page contains information about downloadable components that make J-Text more flexible and powerful.



The KanjiReader allows you to highlight a specific Kanji and look up the reading and meanings for the specific kanji. The dictionaries were developed by Jim Breen as freeware.

KanjiReader Downloadable dictionaries:

KREADER EDICT and ENAMDIC downloadable as one file. (6.4mb)
EDICT This is the minimum requirement for KanjiReader to work.(2.9mb)
ENAMDIC Dictionary of names only.(4.2mb)

This list will continue to grow as J-Text becomes aware of the other dictionaries.

True Type Fonts

J-Text is capable of handling True-Type fonts. If you have Microsoft’s Japanese language extension pack, then you can use Microsoft’s Japanese font with Tsunami Notebook for nice, clear fonts. Or, you can purchase an optional font pack directly through NeocorTech.

This Add-On will be available soon!

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