KanjiScan Japanese OCR

Japanese OCR

for Windows 95 / NT

KanjiScan allows users to scan Japanese documents, letters, and other printed material, and convert the images into Japanese text using a TWAIN compatible scanner (HP, Epson, etc...). This revolutionary technology allows users to take printed Japanese and enter it into a computer without manually typing in the Japanese. Also, KanjiScan comes with English OCR ability, so it can handle documents with both Japanese and English text.

This software package runs on U.S. Windows 95 or Windows NT. This 32-bit OCR package is loaded with powerful and cutting-edge scanning technology for best scanning results. Best yet, like all other NeocorTech software packages, KanjiScan is designed for the English speaking user. All documentation, instructions and other operations are in English and runs on non-Japanese Windows 95 systems. No need for Japanese language skills.

KanjiScan Japanese OCR

What about possible characters missed by KanjiScan? No problem. NeocorTech's exclusive Kanji Search System allows users to look-up unknow Kanji simply but entering the stroke count and type of radical. A generated list of some 10-20 similar Kanji will appear on screen. Then, visually identify the Kanji you are searching for and click a button. No Japanese language skills need to complete the Kanji recognition process

KanjiScan seamlessly integrates with Typhoon MT for translating the Japanese into English. With a touch of a button, your Japanese text will be automatically sent to Typhoon MT via our exclusive "NeocorTech DataLink" system.

KanjiScan has just received an impressive review from Mr. Scott Nesbitt of MultiLingual Communications and Technology magazine . He calls KanjiScan "A powerful and flexible Japanese OCR" and provides indepth commentary on this unique product. Click here to read more about KanjiScan.


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