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Tsunami Notebook
Version 2.0

English to Japanese
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Tsunami Notebook v2.0 is designed to translate English to Japanese text for those people and businesses who need to correspond in Japanese...now! We have turbo-charged our highly popular Tsunami Notebook to include many of the features only previously available in the professional version. With Notebook v2.0, you will not only be able to translate, and print from English to Japanese, but you'll also be able to send Japanese email through your existing mail service provider.


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Tsunami Notebook v2.0 Features

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  • Improved Front End Processor
  • Send Japanese email.
  • KanjiReader
  • Kanji search system
  • Translation speed (+300,000 words/hour)
  • 130,000 word dictionary
  • Japanese True-Type font capability
  • Doesn’t need Japanese windows or "enabling" software
  • View Japanese text documents
  • Enhanced editor settings
  • Save text in standard Japanese formats
  • Word Wrap
  • Configurable translation settings
Front End Processor
The FEP allows you to enter Japanese characters into the document using a standard English keyboard. Through the FEP, you can enter Hiragana, Katakana, or Kanji into the Tsunami Notebook.

Japanese Email
Using Tsunami Notebook, you can send Japanese email. As long as your current email service is POP3 compliant, Tsunami will send both English and Japanese versions of your text.

The KanjiReader allows you to look up the different pronunciations of specific Kanji by double clicking on them. The KanjiReader will give alternate Romaji, Hiragana, and Katakana readings.

Kanji Search System
The kanji search system allows the user to input characters that from other documents by visually identifying the Kanji. By identifying parts of the Kanji or by stroke count, the Kanji search system will give you the Kanji that fits those parameters.

Translation Speed
Tsunami Notebook uses the same translation speed as our professional version Tsunami MT.
- Baseline +300,000 words per hour (Pentium 90)

Tsunami Notebook’s dictionary contains 130,000 words. NeocorTech's dictionary and translation engine work together to generate words for increased speed and accuracy.

True-Type Font Capability
Tsunami Notebook is capable of using Japanese True-Type fonts. If you have Microsoft’s Japanese language extension pack, then you can use Microsoft’s Japanese font with Tsunami Notebook for nice, clear fonts. Or, you can purchase an optional font pack directly through NeocorTech.

System Requirements

  • English Windows 95 or Windows NT
  • 8 MB RAM
  • 20 MB hard disk space

Pricing and Information

Tsunami Notebook v2.0 is available online at $149.00.

Upgrade from Tsunami Notebook v1.0 for only $49.00.

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