Neocor Releases Demo CD ROM

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (November 20, 1996) --- NeocorTech released a free CD ROM containing the evaluation versions of Tsunami MT 5.0 and Typhoon MT 5.0 for Windows 95 / Windows NT. Also, the CD has the entire NeocorTech web site so that the user can "surf" our site without logging onto the internet.

"Some of our potential customers perfer downloading the demo versions of our software for immediate evaluation, however, other people became frustrated with the long connect time and expense associated with such large files. Therefore, we have made the demo software available via a free CD ROM," states Kenneth Herskind, Neocor Tech's vice president."Users simple provide us with their name, company, mailing address and phone number, and NeocorTech will send the CD ROM to them free of charge."

Please contact us at, or NeocorTech LLC at 1.619.483.2524 if you have any questions.

For Further Information Contact:
Kenneth Herskind, VP
NeocorTech LLC
4141 Jutland Dr., Suite 307, San Diego, CA 92117
Tel: (619) 483-2524
FAX: (619) 483-2586

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