Neocor Releases Professional Dictionaries

Technical Dictionaries for Biological and Physical Sciences

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (September 23, 1996) --- Neocor Technologies released its new professional dictionaries for use with Tsunami MT 5.0 (English-to-Japanese translations), and Typhoon MT 5.0 (Japanese-to-English translations). These dictionaries cover two broad categories:

Biological Sciences which includes areas such as general medicine, pharmacology, biology, biotechnology, agriculture, zoology, marine biology, general chemistry, and organic chemistry. Contains over 110,000 words.
Physical Sciences covers electronics, computers, communications, mechanical engineering, earth sciences, civil engineering, construction, astronomy, general physics, mathematics, and statistics. Contains over 120,000 words.

Each integrated dictionary provides the user with a unique solution for tackling difficult and field-specific translation tasks and seamlessly installs into either Tsunami MT or Typhoon MT. No other user interaction is required after dictionary installation, because the translation software automatically checks the technical dictionaries for any word not found in the main dictionary.
The Biological Sciences and Physical Sciences dictionary is $195 for E-J or J-E, and $295 for the bi-directional bundle of each dictionary.

Contact NeocorTech LLC at 1.619.483.2524 if you have any questions.

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