Honshu Version Demo CD-ROM Released!

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (August 1, 1997) --- NeocorTech releases the Third version of their free CD ROM containing the evaluation versions of Tsunami MT 6.0, Typhoon MT 5.0, KanjiScan 1.0, and Tsunami Notebook for Windows 95 / Windows NT. Also, the CD has the entire NeocorTech web site so that the user can "surf" our site without logging onto the Internet.

"The demand for the demo CD-ROM's has prompted the third version of Neocor's CD, the Honshu release. It contains the latest evaluation versions of our software. Since these files are so big, it is much easier than downloading from the website,"says, Greg Lee, NeocorTech's Chief Technology Officer. The Honshu version can be easily obtained by calling Neocor directly, or by filling out a form at the Neocor website (www.neocor.com)

For Further Information Contact:

Edgar Tiongson
NeocorTech LLC
4141 Jutland Dr., Suite 307
San Diego, CA 92117

Tel: (619) 483-2524
FAX: (619) 483-2586

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