SAN DIEGO, Calif., March 2, 1998 -- NeocorTech LLC, the market leader in Japanese Machine Translation software for MS Windows 95 and NT, introduced today a new Japanese word processing software program for Windows 95/NT named J-Text. The program enables non-Japanese versions of the Windows OS to edit, print, and e-mail full Japanese documents. Also announced was the surprising price tag for this innovative device - FREE.

J-Text is available via Internet download directly from the NeocorTech website,, and other popular freeware sites. J-Text is not a demo, rather a fully functioning version of the Kanji & Kana word processor that is included in all of Neocor's higher end productivity programs: machine translation and Japanese OCR. J-Text will allow users to type Japanese, send e-mail, and even look up specific Kanji.

"This is a great utility for those who need a simple Japanese solution on their English systems," said Kenneth Herskind, VP. "Moreover, J-Text is optimized for users from international businessmen to exchange students studying Japanese, and it also is a prelude to the quality of NeocorTech's seamless programming standards."

Features Include:

Furthermore, J-Text will auto-detect all common forms of Japanese encoding methods (JIS, Shift-JIS, EUC, and Unicode Japanese text formats) making it easier to import/export different document types. Finally, Japanese True-Type Fonts are available through an optional font-pack. These will display and print Japanese word-processor quality documents.

NeocorTech LLC is a privately held company specializing in Japanese translation, communication, and OCR software for English Windows 95 / NT applications.

System Requirements: English MS Windows 95/NT, CPU: 486, RAM: 8MB, Hard Disk: 10MB.

Pricing: J-Text is available as a free download via the Internet.

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