KanjiScan Japanese OCR Released

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (January 31, 1997) --- Today, NeocorTech releases KanjiScan Japanese OCR for Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows NT. This cutting edge software is the first of its kind to run on non-Japanese versions of Windows 95 & NT. Everything needed to scan in printed Japanese text and documents is included with KanjiScan, actually allowing users to input Japanese on their English Windows system.

In seconds, KanjiScan takes printed Japanese document and converts the images into Japanese electronic text that can be translated into English using Typhoon MT. Users will never have to manually retype Japanese text into a computer again.

"KanjiScan will surely prove to be a valuable tool for business users who have struggled in the past to input Japanese documents into their computers," said Greg Lee, NeocorTech’s CTO. "Before, to use any other Japanese OCR software, businesses had to install both Japanese and English Windows on their computers. They then tried to cope with a faulty dual-boot system which often caused more problems than it was worth."

KanjiScan is designed completely for the English user. It runs on English Windows, and all of its interfaces, instructions, and documentation are in English. Best of all, with NeocorTech’s Kanji Search System, no Japanese language skills are required to make sure all the Japanese text is properly recognized.

For information concering KanjiScan Japanese OCR, please contact NeocorTech at info@neocor.com, or by phone at 1.619.483.2524 if you have any questions.

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