NeocorTech Develops Web-Based
English to Japanese Translation Server

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (October 2, 1997) -- NeocorTech LLC today announced the development of a translation server that will deliver dynamic Japanese content via Internet or Intranet, named Tsunami Server. Alis Technologies is the first to license this new technology. This follows last week's announcement that ALIS Technologies and the Los Angeles Times will develop the first on-demand translation web site.

"By unifying to the standards of the Internet, Tsunami Server is able to deliver dynamic Japanese content within a global network environment," says Greg Lee, Chief Technology Officer for NeocorTech. "IS administrators can use the power and flexibility of Tsunami Server to achieve the next generation of live, online translation."

Tsunami Server will allow corporations to dynamically translate any Internet or Intranet website into Japanese. There are two possible uses for this software, companies with Internet websites and multinational organizations with messaging and document sharing Intranets.

Companies with global markets can leverage their existing website to reach the Japanese customers using Tsunami Server. By integrating with existing web server architecture, Tsunami Server provides on-the-fly Japanese translation of web pages designed in English. Web administrators and designers can concentrate on providing quality content in English, letting Tsunami Server convert that content into Japanese on demand.

Large multinational companies in the global economy constantly face translation issues in making internal company documents and messages available across languages. Tsunami Server allows organizations to integrate Japanese translation into an Intranet strategy. For example, Tsunami Server, via Intranet will enable Japanese engineers in Tokyo to be up-to-date on the latest product specifications from the U.S. company's engineering headquarters in California.

Features include:
  • Cross-platform accessibility - Accessible by any web browser
  • Integration with all CGI-capable HTTP servers (including Netscape, Microsoft, Apache, HTTPd)
  • Cost/Benefit Performance - Windows NT application makes for affordable dedicated translation server
  • Robust and dramatic scalability

  • -Fully multi-threaded
    -Ability to handle more than one translation request at a time
    -On-demand information access
  • Centralized administration

  • -Central deployment and management
    -Client-Server architecture
  • Translation engine understands HTML as well as plain text

  • -Neocor's established A.I. Tsunami translation engine
  • Performance

  • -over 300,000 words per hour translation rate provides real-time Japanese translation
    -Extensive 110,000 core word dictionary plus 200,000+ technical word dictionaries
    -(biological and physical sciences)
    -Add-on User dictionaries for flexibility and text-specific jobs
    -Cache feature prevents redundant translation of static data

Tsunami Server will be available starting at $5000.00

Click here to go directly to Tsunami Server.

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