Tsunami MT 5.0 Demo

Neocor Technologies release Tsunami MT 5.0 Demo

LA JOLLA, Calif. (June 10, 1996) Neocor Technologies today announced the release of Tsunami MT 5.0 Demo program, allowing users to use the machine translation software for a 15 day trial period before the program self-terminates. Tsunami MT 5.0 is Neocor's Windows 95 program designed to provide users with greater translation speed and quality for English-to-Japanese translations. The demo is downloadable from Neocor's web site or on 3.5" disks.

"Our customers enjoyed the option of downloading the demo version of Typhoon MT, our Japanese-to-English translation software, and we received numerous reqests for a similar Tsunami MT 5.0 demo version," says Kenneth Herskind, Neocor Technologies' vice-president of sales & marketing. "This strong demand lead Neocor develope Tsuanami MT 5.0 which is designed for the newest Windows format, Windows 95 and Windows NT."

After a prospective user examines the translation quatlity, they may purchase the software simply by calling Neocor Technologies and obtaining an "activation number". The user imputs the activation number into the demo and the software automatically converts into a full-blown working version with all functions restored, giving users immediate access to Tsunami MT 5.0.

For Further Information Contact:
Kenneth Herskind, V.P. Sales & Marketing
NeocorTech LLC
4141 Jutland Drive, Suite #307, San Diego, CA 92117
Tel: (619) 483-2524
FAX: (619) 483-2586
e-mail: herskind@neocor.com
URL: http://www.neocor.com

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