Tsunami Notebook Released

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (March 15, 1997) --- Today, NeocorTech releases Tsunami Notebook - Japanese Software for Windows 95 & NT. This basic version of Tsunami MT is available for only $195, and it covers many essential items a student or other individual user may need. English-to-Japanese translation, Japanese text editing, sending Japanese e-mail, and much more. This allows users to create and print entire Japanese documents with no other fix-up software required.

"Tsunami Notebook is the perfect solution for students, small businesses, and other users who need Japanese translation and other Japanese language features, and do not want to spend thousands of dollars," said Ms. Maki Darwin, NeocorTech’s marketing manager. "This product is the first of its kind for under $200, and we expect to reach many new markets and satisfied customers with Tsunami Notebook."

For information concerning Tsunami Notebook, please contact NeocorTech at info@neocor.com, or by phone at 1.619.483.2524 if you have any questions.

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