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Japanese Language Tool Aids Instructors and Students

We've recently come across a family of excellent Japanese language software tools from NeocorTech.  Tsunami MT 6.0, the firm's flagship product, "provides the best English-to-Japanese translations available on any platform, with the richest dictionaries and most advanced translation algorithms," says Neocor.  While this may sound like marketing hype, after using the products for over a month, we've come to agree with then.  At least, it works better than any other English-to-Japanese translation software we've used.

Tsunami MT is very user-friendly and offers many features guaranteed to make a Japanese instructor or student happy.  The new version's core dictionary has been expanded to over 130,000 words, with the ability to add optional dictionaries for the Biological and Physical Sciences.  According to Computing Japan, Tsunami's translation speed is the "fastest on any platform," with up to 300,000 words translated per minute, at an accuracy rate of 90-99 percent.

Using Neocor's new True Type Japanese font (Neocor Mincho) and improved front end processor (FEP), you can produce professional-quality documents that include both Japanese (Kanji and Kana) and English.  This makes the product well-suited for both instructors (for example, tests or homework handouts) and students.  The improved FEP also makes entering Japanese through an English-language keyboard intuitive and quick.   Tsunami MT recognizes all major Japanese language file types including JIS, EUC and Unicode.  Tsunami is also OLE-compliant, letting you export Japanese into Microsoft Word, Excel or other Windows 95/NT applications.

Tsunami MT includes the ability to e-mail straight from the program, translating English to Japanese and vice-versa.  It also features a Kanji reader that displays Hiragana, Katakana or Romaji for selected Kanji.  And, its Kanji Entry System makes identifying  and remembering complicated Kanji a simple operation.  All of this power must take a high-end computer to run, right?  Wrong, a measly 8MB of RAM is all it takes to run Tsunami MT.

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