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Tsunami MT provides Japanese to MS-Windows users "who would otherwise never have this capability", in the words of Multilingual Computing's Douglas Horn. The software provides both a Japanese Kanji and Kana text editor/FEP, a machine translator, and cross-platform compatibility (SJIS and OLE 2.0 technologies supported).

How about other translation programs? Ask if they run on English MS-Windows. Most don't, requiring instead that you purchase Japanese Windows, Win/V, or other fix-up software first. Worse, most of these packages won't work on Windows 95 or NT. Do these other translation systems have independent Japanese fonts, or will you have to buy those separately too? Do they have an easy-to-read, informative English manual? How about print drivers? You'll have none of those problems if you make the smart choice and team up with NeocorTech.

sunami MT is perfect for users who want to take existing English documents in MS Word, Excel, and other OLE 2.0 compatible applications and translate them into Japanese. Simply drag and drop your word processor documents into Tsunami MT, and at the click of a button, translate the English text into Japanese. Tsunami MT offers alternative translation possibilities as well as the ability to add new words to its core dictionary.

hen take the Japanese and print out the results for faxing/mailing, embed the Japanese into your MS Word or other OLE 2.0 compliant program, or copy/paste the Japanese into your e-mail software for electronic transmission.

or further information about Tsunami MT and its capabilities, Click Here.

or current Tsunami MT 4.0 or 5.0 users, click here. to order and upgrade to Typhoon MT 6.0 for only $149!

ersions of Tsunami MT run on Microsoft Windows 3.1, Windows 95, & Windows NT.

Key Features

  • Improved translation accuracy
  • Displays and sends Japanese e-mail
  • Kanji Reader displays Hiragana, Katakana, or Romaji readings
  • Japanese TrueType fonts
  • Dynamic 130,000 word main dictionary
  • Translation speed: 300,000 words per hour
  • Full-feature Japanese text editor
  • Japanese Front End Processor (FEP)
  • Professional expansion dictionaries (Physical and Biological Sciences)
  • Allows Japanese text to be imported/exported in Shift-JIS, JIS, EUC, and Unicode formats


What Is
Tsunami MT?

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