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Version 6.0

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"For J/E translation, Typhoon blows the competition away."   
-Computing Japan, March 1998.

NEW!! December 8, 1997 - Typhoon MT 6.0 is the lastest release of this popular Japanese-to-English translation software for English Windows 95 / NT. With this significant upgrade, Typhoon comes packed with new features and functions including:

  • Improved translation quality and speed
  • Ability to send Japanese e-mail (Shift-JIS, EUC, JIS, & Unicode)
  • Kanji Reader for displaying Kana/Romaji
  • Japanese truetype font
  • Easier-to-use dictionary entry method
  • And much more!!

Typical Typhoon applications include translating Japanese e-mail, web pages, or other Japanese text already in an electronic formate. Typhoon has all the advantages of our other programs: runs on English versions of Windows NT and Windows 95, has a built in full-character Japanese Word Processor, the ability to add new words to its core dictionary, interactive translation for suggesting alternative translations, full OLE 2.0 compatibility, and tremendous ease-of-use. Combined with KanjiScan Japanese OCR, Typhoon can even tranlslate printed Japanese documents and journals.

Perfect for the academic research, government, and international business communities, Typhoon provides a cost-effective tool for enhancing your Japanese communications.

"Typhoon MT comes preloaded with extensive dictionaries and a smart word-parsing engine that relies on root words and prefixes/suffixes. ...the fastest translation engine on any platform... Neocor’s FEP includes a complete Japanese font set so that users of English Windows can edit (and print) documents in Japanese. Typhoon MT supports OLE 2.0 technology , enabling the user to drag and drop Japanese text into any OLE-compliant application (such as most popular word processors and spreadsheets)." -- Computing Japan, July 1996

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Key Features


  • Does NOT require DOS/V or Windows 95J
  • Japanese TrueType font
  • Kanji Reader for displaying Kana/Romaji
  • Dynamic 135,000 word main dictionary
  • Translation speed over 300,000 words per hour
  • Professional expansion dictionaries - Physical and Biological Sciences - over 130,000 words each
  • Full-feature Japanese text editor
  • Japanese Front End Processor(FEP)
  • Allows Japanese text to be saved in ShiftJIS, JIS, EUC, & Unicode
  • Sends English and Japanese e-mail


What Is Typhoon MT?

How Typhoon MT is used to more efficiently translate Japanese into English.

Also, explains the advantages and benefits of machine translation (MT) software.

Latest Typhoon MT Information

For information concerning the newest additions to Neocor Technologies Japanese to English machine translator, visit the Latest Typhoon MT Information page!

Look at a screen shot and sample translation!

System & Requirements

  • U.S. Windows 95 or Windows NT (or any other non-Japanese Windows 95/NT system)
  • Hard Drive: 25 MB
  • RAM: Windows 95: 8 MB

Price & Contact Information

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