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Retail Price*

Educational Price**

Tsunami Notebook 2.0 English to Japanese $149.00 $99.00
Tsunami Notebook 2.0 - Upgrade English to Japanese $49.00 $49.00
Tsunami MT 6.0 English to Japanese $595.00 $495.00
Tsunami MT 6.0 - Upgrade English to Japanese $149.00 $149.00
Tsunami MT 4.0 - for Windows 3.1 English to Japanese $595.00 $495.00
Typhoon MT 6.0 Japanese to English $595.00 $495.00
Typhoon MT 6.0 - Upgrade Japanese to English $149.00 $149.00
KanjiScan 1.0 Japanese OCR $495.00 $395.00
Biological Sciences Dictionary E-J or J-E $195.00 $149.00
Biological Sciences Dictionary Both E-J and J-E $295.00 $249.00
Physical Sciences Dictionary E-J or J-E $195.00 $149.00
Physical Sciences Dictionary Both E-J and J-E $295.00 $249.00
Special Bundle Pricing
Tsunami MT & Typhoon MT E-J and J-E $995.00 $750.00
KanjiScan & Typhoon MT OCR & J-E $995.00 $750.00
KanjiScan, Typhoon MT, & Tsunami MT OCR, J-E & E-J $1295.00 $995.00

NeocorTech software runs on English Windows 95 & Windows NT systems.
Tsunami MT 4.0 is available for Windows 3.1

No Japanese Windows or other fix-up software required.
*Plus shipping and sales tax where appropriate.  Prices subject to change without notice.
**To inquire about purchasing at Educational prices, please call 1-800-693-9283 or email

Multiple License Agreements?
If you are interested in a multiple license agreement of 5 units or more, call Neocor's Sales Department at 1-800-693-9283 or


Shipping Options
Shipping rates are for 1-2 items. (additional items are $5 for international shipments)
Destination Priority Price
Within the United States 2-3 day via Priority Mail $10
Within the United States Overnight via FED EX $25
Outside the United States 3-5 day via Global Priority Mail $35


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