Case Studies

"Allow me to introduce myself, I am Christian Schmidling and I work for Canon. I am in charge of the Japanese vertical market in the Chicago-Land area. In other words, all my clients are Japanese Corporations. Of course, spoken Japanese is critical to my job. In addition, memos, letters and brochures must all be done in Japanese and in English.

"My problem was I needed an affordable computer program that would allow me to write in Japanese. In addition, I didn't want to have to load a Japanese Operating System on my computer or use both Windows '95 AND Windows '95 in Japanese. A final concern was that my kanji skills are not where I want them to be. In short, I needed a real translation program. Translation, Kanji and a stand-alone program seemed too much to hope for.

"One day while reading Mangajin, I found an advertisement for Tsunami. The product was purchased by my company and I started using Tsunami. I can not tell you how pleased and happy I am with Tsunami. I have tried many programs that promised a lot, but Tsunami delivers the goods. From my experience, Tsunami is the best product of its kind on the market. Your ads are 100% correct, Sugoi ne?"

- Christian Schmidling

Company Profile: Canon U.S.A., Inc., headquartered in Lake Success, New York, is an industry leader in professional and consumer imaging equipment and information systems. Canon's extensive product line enables businesses and consumers worldwide to capture, store and distribute visual information.

Avalon Labels, Inc.
-San Jose, California
"We use Tsunami MT to help with the setting of the Japanese characters for our customers. We have been very happy with the program, an look forward to being able to utilize this software in the future."

- Christy Yohanan, CEO

Company Profile: Avalon Labels, Inc. is a 'label brokerage' dealing with anything that has anything to do with creating labels. Specializing in graphic design and setting for labels of customers worldwide.

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"DESIGNEDAS THE ULTIMATE easy-to-use Japanese software application for non-Japanese users, Tsunami Notebook from Neocor Tech boasts an array of advanced features normally found in more expensive products.

- Neo-Tokyo Magazine,
May/June 1997

"A Worldly Tool for International Business...If you can't afford Japanese Windows and need to access both languages, you'll be pleased"

-- Windows, June 1997

"KanjiScan is tightly connected with Typhoon MT so the OCR results can be translated into English with the touch of a button."

-- Multilingual Communications & Technology, #13 Volume 8, 1997

"KanjiScan is a Japanese OCR program that lets you scan in Japanese text and convert the images into Japanese electronic text...requires no Japanese language skills."

-- Windows Magazine,
May 1997

"KanjiScan Japanese OCR, the first of its kind to run on non-Japanese version of Windows 95 and NT... user can build customized OCR dictionaries for each type of document, thus increasing the accuracy rate each time it is uesd."

-- Asia Pacific Economic Review, May 1997

"An excellent solution for making Microsoft’s Windows 95 speak Japanese - or at least read and write it."

-- Mangajin, No. 58, 1996

"If your business involves dealing with Japan, then Neocor Technologies’ 32-bit machine translation products will prove useful."
-- PC Magazine, June 25, 1996

"Typhoon MT comes preloaded with extensive dictionaries and a smart word-parsing engine that relies on root words and prefixes/suffixes. ...the fastest translation engine on any platform... Neocor’s FEP includes a complete Japanese font set so that users of English Windows can edit (and print) documents in Japanese. Typhoon MT supports OLE 2.0 technology , enabling the user to drag and drop Japanese text into any OLE-compliant application (such as most popular word processors and spreadsheets)."

-- Computing Japan, July 1996