Release Date of KanjiScan OCR

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (January 8, 1997) --- NeocorTech announces the release date of its highly anticipated Japanese OCR software package. KanjiScan will be available as of January 31, 1997.

"A Japanese OCR software package that runs on U.S. Windows 95 / NT! This will really make waves throughout our marketplance," states Kenneth Herskind, NeocorTech's vice president."For quite some time, our users have wanted to be able to translate their Japanese letters, faxes, and other documents using Typhoon MT, however, there was no way to enter the Japanese from a printed document. Now with KanjiScan, users will be able to do so with no knowledge of the Japanese language required."

For information concering KanjiScan Japanese OCR, please contact NeocorTech at, or by phone at 1.619.483.2524 if you have any questions.

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