Companies I've Founded


I co-founded NeocorTech with Tim Kane in 1994, in Tokyo, Japan.  Neocor was the premier developer of Japanese translation software outside of Japan, featuring software that operated entirely on English Windows without the need for other display support software. The company's Windows applications - Tsunami MT, Typhoon MT, and JText - were used by large corporations, including Canon, Toyota, and Ford, and hundreds of small businesses and students alike.  Neocor was featured in the Economist and other industry publications.  In 1998, the company was acquired by speech and language technology leader Lernout & Hauspie.


Conceived as one of the first infomediaries, enonymous was founded by Tim Kane, Mark McEahern, and myself specifically to solve the problem of filling out all of those forms online.  With professional investment of $2.5m from angel and venture capitalists, enonymous launched its popular advisor freeware application in October of 1999 and created a sensation on the Internet virtually overnight.


In the early development stage, Atomgames is making playing classic games like chess, checkers, and tic-tac-toe as easy to play with friends as sending email. Click here to take a look at early prototypes.