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Tsunami Notebook Japanese software, which runs on English versions of Windows is now available to students in any and all Japanese programs worldwide through Neocor's University Partnership Program. We are offering a free version of this program to interested Japanese departments, and an educational discount for their students. Neocor will supply the department with materials (posters, brochures, free demo CD-ROMS, etc.), with no obligation of any kind!

Please feel welcome to include any other professors whom you think might be interested in our Japanese software, which runs on U.S. Windows without any need for DOS/V Win/V, etc.…, but if you or they have any questions, do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-693-9283, and ask for Greg Nisius (  If you'd like to order a free CD-ROM demo of the software or download it right now off Neocor website, click here.

NeocorTech University Partners

According to Professor Roger Thomas, Ph.D., of Illinois State University, "Tsunami Notebook will surely prove a valuable tool for my students wishing to write and correspond in Japanese." Consider the schools who are participants, like yourself, in the Partnership Program:

University of Chicago Oregon State University
Arizona State University York College
Alfred University Emory University
University of Washington University of Montana
Amherst College Illinois State University
Bellevue Community College Oregon State
Hiroshima Univ. of Economics Pennsylvania State University
Miami University Madonna University
College of William and Mary University of Vermont


Tsunami Notebook Released (15 March 1997). New for home users, students and others who want one solution for their Japanese software needs, NeocorTech released Tsunami Notebookfor only $195.00 (plus shipping), a "basic" version of our popular Tsunami MT product . It comes with E-J translation, Japanese e-mail, a Japanese front end processor (FEP) for typing/printing Kanji and Kana, Kana tables for learning Japanese, and much much more!


"DESIGNED AS THE ULTIMATE easy-to-use Japanese software application for non-Japanese users, Tsunami Notebook from Neocor Tech boasts an array of advanced features normally found in more expensive products. Indeed, Tsunami Notebook inherits many of its features from its big brother Tsunami MT, the premier English-to-Japanese translator, which at $695 is aimed squarely at the professional translator.

"Notebook, meanwhile, is aimed at small businesses and students, hence the more modest asking price.

"Using an advanced artificially intelligent translation engine with a 130,000 word dictionary you can perform sentence level draft translations. Simply prepare the document to be translated, taking care to check for both spelling and grammatical errors. Because Notebook examines the whole sentence to determine the best translation into Japanese, the software "only "knows" exactly what it is told". In other words, garbage in, garbage out.

"Translation settings allow you to affect the translation output and the formality of the Japanese. More formal Japanese is appropriate for business correspondence, while the less formal settings are intended for letters to family and friends. Approach with caution!

"Also included is a Front End Processor for editing Japanese text. Although not as flexible as a dedicated Japanese word processor, its ideal for adding or removing Japanese katakana, hiragana and kanji from your translations.

"You can also read, write and send Japanese email (Notebook handles the JIS, Shift-JIS, EUC, and Unicode text formats) with ease.

"Translation software has certainly come a long way in the last few years and the quality of Notebook's translation is superb. Put simply: Notebook is a joy to use. If you take the time to learn to write in a sympathetic style, your efforts will be well rewarded. This is an essential piece of software for anyone who corresponds in Japanese.

"Highly recommended. "

By Philip Pendleton

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