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NeocorTech offers a complete range of Japanese software solutions for IBM compatible Personal Computers, specializing in and certified for the MS-Windows operating system. This unique advantage provides multinational corporations, small businesses, private organizations, and individual users with Japanese software to fit their needs on their current machines.

To run NeocorTech's software, you won't need expensive add-on operating systems to enable your computer for Japanese. Simply load this program onto MS-Windows (95 or NT), and you'll have everything you need in one package: Japanese fonts, a powerful and innovative text editor for both English and Japanese, an interactive automatic translation from English to Japanese (or vice versa), Japanese print capability, Japanese and English optical character recognition (OCR), an exclusive Kanji Search System, a Furigana-like feature called Kanji Reader, and much more. NeocorTech is the only company that can offer the complete Japanese communication solution for people with English versions of Microsoft Windows.

J-Text: Free Japanese Word Processor
Download Neocor's free Japanese word processor which runs on all versions of Microsoft Windows (even non-Japanese versions).   You get full Kanji & Kana text editing, learning features and more.  Click above to learn more and to enter our download area.

Free Demo Software & CD-ROM
Download a free evaluation version Neocor software (demo versions of Tsunami MT, Typhoon MT, KanjiScan OCR, and Tsunami Notebook OCR are available). You can also request a free copy of Neocor's demo CD-ROM, honshu version 3.0, and free brochures which will all be sent to you immediately via the U.S. Postal Service.

Neocor in the News
Check out our latest review in The Economist, as well as other magazines including PC Magazine, Windows, Mangajin, Computing Japan, etc...

Software Products
Click here for details on our five software products, various bundle deals, screenshots, prices, and more.

University Partnership Program
Discount for qualified students. Neocor unveils its 1998 University Partnerhsip Program just as the new year begins.

NeocorTech Press Releases .
Keep up with the latest news from NeocorTech.

NeocorTech vs. the Competition
Compare other Japanese software against NeocorTech's unique software capabilities, and decide for yourself.

Job Opportunities
Neocor is hiring! As a quickly expanding software company, we need qualified applicants to apply for open positions in the fields of computer programming and sales!

Reseller & Distribution Business Opportunities
Learn about reseller opportunites for NeocorTech's software, both in the United States and internationally.

Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Neocor jointly develops R&D technology with AILogic in Tokyo, founded by Kamejima Sangyo Co., Ltd. in 1982. (AIL software is a good source for users with DOS/V, Japanese Windows, or Macintosh.)

NeocorTech Customers
Since 1994, NeocorTech has provided its translation software solutions to a wide variety of satisfied customers, including multinational corporations, small businesses, government agencies, students, and professional translators. Our customer list includes the following organizations:

AT&T Warner Brothers GMAC Baxter Health
Panasonic U.S. Navy Canon Nikon
Hitachi Cymer Laser Rockwell NEC
Sega Soft Mitsubishi Hokkaido University EDS
Univ. of Chicago Amherst Univ. Of Washington Arizona State Univ.

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