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March 1, 1998

"J-Text v1.0, Free" - NeocorTech announces Free Distribution of J-Text, Japanese word processor for Windows 95/NT

Prior Releases

February 4, 1998

"New Tsunami Notebook Ver. 2.0" - NeocorTech releases latest version of its popular Tsunami Notebook with significant advancements.

January 9, 1998

"New Pricing Schedule" -NeocorTech will slash prices by an average of 25%.

December 8, 1997

"It's Typhoon Season" - Typhoon MT 6.0 released!

October 2, 1997

"Neocor Releases First Web-Based English-to-Japanese Translation Server"

August 1, 1997

"Third release (Honshu Version) on Demo CD-ROM"

July 15, 1997

"Tsunami version 6.0 release announced!"

March 15, 1997

"Tsunami Notebook released on Ides of March"

January 31, 1997

"KanjiScan Japanese OCR Released"

January 9, 1997

"NeocorTech Announces Release Date of KanjiScan"

November 20, 1996

"NeocorTech Releases Free Demos on CD ROM"

October 11, 1996

"NeocorTech Releases Professional Dictionaries"

July 15, 1996

"Neocor Releases Tsunami MT 5.0 Demo"

July 15, 1996

"Neocor Releases Tsunami MT 5.0"

June19, 1996

"NeocorTech receives Windows 95 Certification from Microsoft"

March 15, 1996

"Neocor Releases Typhoon MT on Ides of March"

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