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"...For J/E translation, Typhoon blows the competition away."
  -Computing Japan, March  1998.


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"I've always been wary of automatic translation software, especially when Japanese is the source or target language. Even though translation programs have come a long way in the last few years, they are far from perfect.  I was skeptical when I heard the hype concerning Tsunami MT, NeocorTech's English to Japanese translation software for 32-bit Windows. But after a closer look, I found that Tsunami MT is by far the best PC translation tool I've ever used."
- Multilingual Communications and Technology,
#17 Volume 9, Issue 1

          "...It works better than any other English-to-Japanese translation software we've used."
          -T.H.E. Journal, February 1998.

"NeocorTech ... has offered the most complete set of tools for communicating with our partners on the Pacific Rim."
-The Current, December 31 1997.

"KanjiScan from Neocor Tech offers powerful Japanese OCR capabilities in a tight, easy-to-use package that runs on Windows 95 or NT...You'll find that KanjiScan is one program you'll wonder how you ever did without. "
- Multilingual Communications and Technology, #16 Volume 8, Issue 5

"...Tsunami and Typhoon use memory extremely efficiently. As a result, they are blindingly fast on the latest PCs—translating either way at speeds of more than 300,000 words an hour. "
- The Economist, October 16, 1997

"Tsunami MT 6.0, an English to Japanese translation program for English Windows 95, features increased translation speed and accuracy."
- Windows Magazine, October 1997

"[KanjiScan] is a very remarkable that the program has a self-learning dictionary, which improves the recognition rate tremendously.... It is quite easy to get very good results, even if the document conditions are difficult. "
- Japan-Magazin, September 1997

"DESIGNED AS THE ULTIMATE easy-to-use Japanese software application for non-Japanese users, Tsunami Notebook from Neocor Tech boasts an array of advanced features normally found in more expensive products."
- Neo-Tokyo Magazine, May/June 1997

"A Worldly Tool for International Business...If you can't afford Japanese Windows and need to access both languages, you'll be pleased"
-- Windows, June 1997

"KanjiScan is tightly connected with Typhoon MT so the OCR results can be translated into English with the touch of a button."
-- Multilingual Communications & Technology, #13 Volume 8, 1997

"KanjiScan is a Japanese OCR program that lets you scan in Japanese text and convert the images into Japanese electronic text...requires no Japanese language skills."
-- Windows Magazine, May 1997

"KanjiScan Japanese OCR, the first of its kind to run on non-Japanese version of Windows 95 and NT... user can build customized OCR dictionaries for each type of document, thus increasing the accuracy rate each time it is uesd."
-- Asia Pacific Economic Review, May 1997

"An excellent solution for making Microsoft’s Windows 95 speak Japanese - or at least read and write it."
-- Mangajin, No. 58, 1996

"If your business involves dealing with Japan, then Neocor Technologies’ 32-bit machine translation products will prove useful."
-- PC Magazine, June 25, 1996

"Typhoon MT comes preloaded with extensive dictionaries and a smart word-parsing engine that relies on root words and prefixes/suffixes. ...the fastest translation engine on any platform... Neocor’s FEP includes a complete Japanese font set so that users of English Windows can edit (and print) documents in Japanese. Typhoon MT supports OLE 2.0 technology , enabling the user to drag and drop Japanese text into any OLE-compliant application (such as most popular word processors and spreadsheets)."
-- Computing Japan, July 1996

"The translation products from Neocor are more intelligent than the machine translation offered by several online services and cheap software packages because they use an advanced search engine and offer more advanced interactive modes that allow the user to assist the software and get a better translation. The software fills a large gap for users wanting to communicate electronically with Japan..."
-- Newsbytes Pacifica, May 1996

"By not requiring any Japanese system software, Tsunami brings basic Japanese translation to computer users who would otherwise never have this capability."
-- Multilingual Computing, 1995

"This can be a godsend to casual users who wish to perform simple translations but do not want to convert their operating system to Japanese."
-- Mangajin, No. 45, 1995


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