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eocorTech provides the complete Japanese software solution for English Windows.  Our professional Japanese software suite includes bi-directional translation, interactive dictionaries, Japanese OCR, word processing, TrueType Japanese fonts, a Kanji reader, and much more.  A brief description of each software product is provided on this page and more information is available for each product on a separate page.

Don't forget to consider downloading FREE demo versions of the software while you're here at the Neocor site at our very fast Demo CD-ROM & Download Zone.   Prices and online ordering info are listed on Neocor's price & ordering page.  Lastly, Neocor offers generous bundling deals, and also site licenses for interested organizations.


J-Text 1.0 - Japanese Word Processor (FREE)

Our Japanese text editor is now available for free. With this Free product you will be able to edit both English and Japanese, Email, and learn about readings for kanji.  J-Text also has the availability of displaying TrueType Fonts.   To use the TrueType fonts, we have a TrueType FontPack that will be available coming soon.

Click here for further explanations about NeocorTech's J-Text word processing software and its add-ons.


Typhoon MT 6.0 - Japanese-to-English machine translation software

New Typhoon MT 6.0, the powerful Japanese-to-English translation software for Windows, was unleashed today by NeocorTech. Speed and accuracy improvements to the core translation engine have increased translation speed to 300,000 words per hour, making it six times faster than the nearest competitor. The winds of Typhoon MT have brought many new features that extend beyond typical translation software.

Click here for further explanations about NeocorTech's Typhoon MT translation software.

Tsunami Server for Windows - Server based web page translation

Tsunami Server Ver. 1.0 Released! Tsunami Server will allow corporations to dynamically translate any Internet or Intranet website into Japanese. Companies with global markets can leverage their existing website to reach the Japanese customers using Tsunami Server. By integrating with existing web server architecture, Tsunami Server provides on-the-fly Japanese translation of web pages designed in English.

Click here for further explanations about
Tsunami Server translation software.

Tsunami MT 6.0 - English-to-Japanese machine translation software

New Version 6.0 Released! Our most popular software is Tsunami MT, the world's premier English-to-Japanese translation for international businesses and professional translators. For flexibility and accuracy on a PC, Tsunami MT provides the best solution for your translation needs such as quick translations of daily correspondences like e-mail or Faxes. Also for highest quality translations, Tsunami MT is an excellent first step in a translation process with post-editing from a human translator. Bottom line - Tsunami MT will increase your Japanese translation efficiency saving you time and money.

We provide the translation solution for your business in one box, for English Windows, for one price. Click here for further explanations about
NeocorTech's Tsunami MT translation software.

KanjiScan Japanese OCR - Japanese OCR software for Windows 95 / NT

NeocorTech released KanjiScan on February 1st, 1997. KanjiScan OCR is the only optical character recognition software specifically designed for 32-bit Windows 95 and Windows NT. KanjiScan enables users to scan and recognize printed Japanese documents (letters, correspondences, reports, manuals, and other business documents), converting the images into electronic Japanese text files. Users can then seamlessly transfer the resulting Japanese file to Typhoon MT for translation into English.

Tsunami Notebook - Japanese Software for Windows

Tsunami Notebook comes with Japanese e-mail handling, word processing in hiragana, katakana, and kanji, printing, and draft English-to-Japanese translation: all on an English-language PC!

This "light" version of Tsunami MT is designed for students and other individual users who need an accurate English-to-Japanese translation, the ability to print Japanese documents, Japanese Kanji & Kana text editing, Japanese e-mail, educational features, and more. Click here for further Tsunami Notebook information.

Professional Dictionaries - NeocorTech now offers expansion dictionaries for Biological Sciences and Physical Sciences for both Tsunami and Typhoon MT. These two important components will add over 110,000 technical terms for translating detailed reports and journals in the biomedical and engineering fields, thus significantly improving translation quality.

Click here for further explanations about NeocorTech's
Biological and Physical Sciences professional dictionaries.

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